Account Management Services


Our mission is simple: P&P helps companies expanding their business into Europe. 

P&P is a sales execution focused company - that's what we do since more than 25 years - and that's what we do best. 

Sales as a Services is concept allowing high tech software companies to increase their revenue stream massively - or in enables companies to establish a significant business from scratch. 

P&P is working with companies which are able to deliver substantial added value to their end customers. We make it happen that disruptive, game changing solutions come to live. 

Companies having a great, well established solution in the US but are not able to get the full revenue potential out of Europe - that's a situation we come into the game and execute the sales process based on our experience and our European wide network. 

Sales as a Service is the concept to make this happen. We do not earn money by providing our services. We simply cover our basic operating coats. We are revenue driven. Our success depends to your additional revenue stream. We have a proven record of selling multi-million USD single deals - that's what we want to deliver to you.  

We are confident to offer a mainly commission based compensation model - we know our strengths, our capability to execute, our dedication. And we want our network profit from your solution. 


We have the ambition to be the best, execution driven sales agency in Central Europe


"Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success". (Dale Carngie)